Welcome to San Shi Go Newport Beach -the future of tradition-

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

San Shi Go is a traditional Japanese restaurant specializing in fresh fish. They are flown daily from Japan and around the world to be served to you, often accompanied by carefully selected fresh seasonal vegetables and other ingredients. We offer a wide variety of unique specials changing every visit and use the freshest fish in the most traditional manner. We are known for Omakase meals; a series of dishes customized just for you by our artisan chefs to showcase their skills and creativity with the finest handpicked ingredients. We also offer sushi and sashimi on our menus as well as a variety of appetizers; however, we do not have a big selections of sushi cut rolls on our manus as they are not categorized as traditional Japanese cuisine.

Hope to see you soon!

San SHi Go Newport Beach

205 Main St.Newport Beach CA. 92661

Tel: 949-673-3724

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