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San Shi Go Newport Beach Sushi 101 EVENT

We are happy to announce that we are going to have "Sushi 101 Event" from 10/17(Tue)-10/19(Thu)!!

Come enjoy one of the best sushi and Sashimi in Orange County.

Our Sushi 101 course meal consists of 8 dishes including dessert.

Dish 1 : Pumpkin Agedashi Tofu

Dish 2 :Kampachi Carpaccio with black Truffle

Dish 3 :Matsutake Do Binmushi

Dish 4 :Sushi: Red Snapper, Striped Jack and Bluefin

Dish 5 :Sushi: Golden Eye Snapper, Wild Yellowtail and Ocean Trout

Dish 6 :Sushi: Bluenose Snapper, Scallop and Bluefin Tuna Belly

Dish 7 :Roll:Crunchy Roll

Dish 8 :Dessert: Yuzu Sorbet

Actual Value is $140 but You can enjoy this premium course meal for only $100 during Sushi 101 Event(10/17-10/19)

We expect high volume of reservation so Please reserve your table before it's gone.

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