Omakase = Chef's Choice

Have you tried Omakase course with our chefs?? At Newport Beach San Shi Go, We have 2 kinds of omakase we offer at sushi bar.

First one is "sushi omakase". Your chef will (most likely to) serve you 1 warm appetizer first, then he will start making you nigiri.

Second is "appetizer omakase". Your chef will serve you a few to several "appetizer" dishes, typically a mix of small sampler size dishes, fried dish, grilled dish, sashimi and more. it depends on how hungry you are! and he will move on to sushi nigiri afterwards.

for both type of omakase, you can tell your chef what you like and what you dislike when they start to prepare (or if you wanna try that dish in the picture you found on yelp!), and when you're about 70% full, you can tell the chef to finish up the course soon.

But did you know there is another way to get a small "introduction omakase"??

Sushi chefs know what's good for the day and what seasoning/ flavoring goes well with each individual fish they serve. So feel free to ask them to make you a few pieces of nigiri even if you are not ordering omakase with them!

Ordering omakase can be a little intimidating. I used to worry about "how ordering omakase at sushi bars is supposed to be done" or "how to request or ask questions without looking like a newbie". However, it was a silly concern because chefs were there to make suggestions and serve me what they think I would like and they were happy to ask questions and help me guide through my sushi adventure!

And here is the dish Dice-K made for me when I sat at the sushi bar for omakase the other night. ( I tried type 2 omakase with bunch of appetizer and sushi towards the end).

Live sweet shrimp marinated in a special free range chicken egg yolk with truffle oil and a slice of truffle on top.

I mentioned to him that I love anything truffle flavor. I mean who doesn't?

Sorry for the bad picture. I was really focusing on eating it more than taking a good picture of it.

Please join us soon and try our Omakase. We are always ready to serve you a memorable night out!

San SHi Go Newport Beach

205 Main St.Newport Beach CA. 92661

Tel: 949-673-3724

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