Omakase 101 Detail 10/14 Mon-10/17 Thu San Shi Go Newport Beach

Finally we are ready to show you the detail for Omakase 101 which is coming on 10/14(Mon) ~10/17(Thu). $65 per person.

Here's Omakase 101 Course

You will have 7 dishes including dessert.

1:Pumpkin Fried Tofu( This is amazingly delicious)

2:Cajun Salmon

3:Dobin Mushi(Matsutake mushroom and Japanese broth stamed in a teapot)

4:Sashimi:Toro, Amberjack, Bluenose Snapper, King Mackerel, and Golden eye snapper

5:Fried Curry Tempura Scallop & Seaweed Tempura Lobster

6:Sushi:Sweet Shrimp, Blufin Tuna, Yellowtail, Ocean Trout, and Red Snapper

7:Lychee Sorbet

Now we have online reservation system and it will make it a lot easier to reserve your favorite day without hassle.

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Restaurant: San Shi Go Newport Beach

Event date:10/14(Mon) ~10/17(Thu)

Event Detail: Omakase 101 $65 per person

Address:205 Main St Newport Beach, CA 92661

Phone:(949) 673-3724

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