San Shi Go New Year Celebration Dish

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

At San Shi Go Newport Beach, We will be serving our "Chef's Special Ozouni" between January 4th to 15th.

Ozouni is a Japanese traditional soup served exclusively during New Year celebration. The soup contains rice cake, vegetables and often chicken. It is believed that Ozouni was originally served to Samurai as a part of the course meal in the battle field, then later became a staple food for common people. After the dish became available, it was consumed on any celebration days as a good luck food. Stretchy mochi (rice cake) in the soup is to wish for longer(stretchy) life span...well so I've been told.

Come try our Ozouni, created by our artisan chefs at San Shi Go and enjoy this Japanese tradition! Who knows! You might get lucky and stretch your life span for a couple of years!

San SHi Go Newport Beach

205 Main St.Newport Beach CA. 92661

Tel: 949-673-3724

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