July Craft Beer Special

Summer is finally here after many months of gloomy spring here at Newport Beach! What's better than a bottle of ice cold beer by the beach!?

Well... How about ice cold craft beer imported straight from Japan by the beach?

At San Shi Go Newport Beach, we have selected three craft beers from Japan that can wow our customers!

Echigo Beer. This beer has becoming popular in California recently but not everyone sells it just yet. This lager beer uses Nigata Koshihikari rice as their special ingredient. Crisp and refreshing with smooth finish. Goes very well with Japanese cuisine. A number of micro breweries in Japan opened after revision of the liquor tax law in 1994, and this made it easier for small manufactures to start business. At the time, Echigo Beer opened the very first brewpub in Japan.

Rydeen IPA. This IPA is from the brewer who makes the famous Hakkaisan Sake. Rydeen's pure extreme soft water comes from the Hakkai Mountain. This beer has sharp and hoppy bitterness followed by rich malt flavor with a hint of citrus.

Kyoto White Yuzu. This beer is from another one of the first micro breweries in Japan. Kizakura Co. started making this beer using the same clear and pure water they have been using to make their sake. This beer has fruity aroma of Yuzu and hint of coriander on the end and slightly sweeter than the other 2 beers we have selected. Th light and refreshing Belgium White Ale featuring the sweet and irresistible aroma of the famous Yuzu citrus that can be paired with Spicy dishes, sushi and sashimi.

We are also serving our top 3 popular sashimi appetizers in smaller sizes to be ordered with the special craft beers!!

Available only in July! Come join us and find your favorite!

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