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2/14 Valentine's Day Special Menu

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Do you have any plan to take your love on 2/14 Valentine's Day?

San Shi Go Newport Beach is going to have special menu for you guys!!

We made 2 amazing course.Sushi Omakase and Mix Omakase course.

Both are $100 and comes .

Type of the fish may change depending on quality and fishport.

image of San Shi Go Valentin's Course

Let me explain both amazing course detail here

Sushi Omakase Course

1:Deep Fried Tofu

2:4 Pieces of Sushi

(Red Snapper, Golden Eye Snapper, Black Thoat Sea Pearch and Ocean Trout)

San shi Go Sushi omakase course : 4pieces of sushi

3:Blue Crab Salad

San Shi Go Valentin's day menu Blue Crab Salad

4:4 Pieces of Sushi

(Wild Yellowtail, Bluefin Tuna, O-toro, and Striped Jack)

San Shi Go Sushi Omakase 4 pieces

5:Fried Lobster

6:4 Pieces of Sushi

(Live Sweet Shrimp, Wagyu w/Foie Gras and Truffle, King Crab and Sea Urchin)

Sushi Omakase 4 pieces of sushi


It will be Home Made Chocolate Cake

Mix Omakase Course

1:Deep Fried Tofu

San Shi Go Valentine's Menu

2:Toro with Nasu, Red Snapper with Vegetable, and Halibut with Sea Urchin and Truffle.

San Shi Go Omakase Plate

3:Cherrystone Clam Dobinmushi

San Shi Go Dobinmushi

4:5 kinds of Sashiumi

(Sweet Shrimp,Bluefin Tuna, Amberjack,Ocean Trout, and White Fish)

San Shi Go Omakase Course

5:Deep Fried Tofu Skin Wrapped Lobster

6:5 Pieces of Sushi or Wagyu Steak

(Chu-toro, Golden Eye Snapper, Wild Yelowtail, Salmon, and Scallop)

San Shi Go Mix Omakase Course


San Shi Go Newport Beach Valentine's day

Let's make Valentine's day memorable and priceless

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